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Mindfulness Scotland

Mindfulness Scotland is a registered charity. Our vision is to contribute to the development of a more mindful and compassionate Scotland.

Mindfulness Scotland endeavours to engage in socially oriented rather than profit driven activity, working alongside the NHS and other public institutions.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is both a skill and a way of living. It is about living in the here and now rather than being caught in the past or worrying all the time about the future. It’s knowing what’s going on inside your mind and body, and what’s going on in the outside world as well. Most of the time our attention is not where we intend it to be. Our attention is hijacked by our thoughts and emotions, by our concerns and desires, by our hopes or worries for the future, and our memories and regrets from the past.

Mindful awareness is about learning to pay attention, in the present moment, and without judgement. It’s like training a muscle – training attention to be where you want it to be.

Increasingly, research is showing the profoundly beneficial effects that mindfulness can have on the mind and body, on our sense of wellbeing and on our relationships with ourselves and others.